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Five things you should never tell your boss

  1. 1. Technology is my forte, no business

You are highly technically skilled as your job demands, but you should never tell your boss that you do not know what the business wants. In fact, some managers expect the IT professionals to tell them how well technology can help the organization to do better business. Your credibility as an employee is better respected when you can present technology in the context of business.

  1. 2. One solution for all

You might love certain manufacturer, a technology or a programming language above all, but developing an attitude that one type of solution will fit for all situation is very dangerous. It questions your skills of flexibility which any boss would demand from an employee. With such a stubborn character, you are most likely to be viewed as an obstacle or a roadblock to the progress of the organization.

3.Negative opinion about your colleague

When your team fails to meet a deadline, it’s possible that your part may get overlooked as the blame goes on the whole team. But be cautious before you point your figure at your colleague because bosses generally do not enjoying hearing it – especially when you haven’t put your best effort. Office politics is inevitable at times, but managers usually do not encourage employees who always crib about others. Of course, you will have to discuss personal issues with your boss at times, but you should be discreet and objective.

4. There’s no way

Everything is possible – This is the ideal attitude any manger looks for in his employees. At a time when you have a situation where you think it’s impossible to reach a set goal or deliver the goal in the way it has been outlined, you need to have a conversation with your boss before you say – “there’s no way out.” You need to bring the challenges to the notice of your manager so that he can explore if there is a way forward. You will be surprised by what you can accomplish by letting go of your biases and your boss would love to work with such an employee.

5. Surprise for your boss

Your boss who manages a business with relentless changes, crises and troubles, would not enjoy a surprise from his employees – whether it’s positive or negative. Bosses prefer to hear the news directly from their workers regardless of how good or bad the news is. Holding back information from your boss for the sake of giving him a surprise would not help you as most of the managers like to hear the news sooner rather than later

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List of Popular India Public Holidays 2012

Week Day

Republic Day

Maha Shivratri


Mahavir Jayanthi

Good Friday

May Day

Buddha Purnima

Krishna Janmastami

Independence Day

Ganesh Chaturthi

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi

Vijaya Dashami


Guru Nanak Jayanthi


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Lokpal Bill movement

Lokpal Bill movement

In 2011, Anna Hazare initiated a movement for passing a stronger anti-corruption Lokpal (ombudsman) bill in the Indian Parliament. As a part of this movement, N. Santosh Hegde, a former justice of the Supreme Court of India and Lokayukta of KarnatakaPrashant Bhushan, a senior lawyer in the Supreme Court along with the members of the India Against Corruption movement drafted an alternate bill, named as the Jan Lokpal Bill (People’s Ombudsman Bill) with more stringent provisions and wider power to the Lokpal (Ombudsman).[13] Hazare has started a fast unto death from 5 April 2011 at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, to press for the demand to form a joint committee of the representatives of the Government and the civil society to draft a new bill with stronger penal actions and more independence to the Lokpal and Lokayuktas (Ombudsmen in the states), after his demand was rejected by the Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh [14] Before commencing his ‘fast unto death’ he stated, “I will fast until Jan Lokpal Bill is passed”.[15]

The movement attracted attention very quickly through various media. It has been reported that thousands of people joined to support Hazare’s effort. Almost 150 people are reported to join Hazare in his fast.[16] He said that he would not allow any politician to sit with him in this movement. Politicians like Uma Bharti and Om Prakash Chautala were shooed away by protesters when they came to visit the site where the protest was taking place.[17] A number of social activists includingMedha PatkarArvind Kejriwal and former IPS officer Kiran BediJayaprakash Narayan of the Lok Satta have lent their support to Hazare’s hunger strike and anti-corruption campaign. This movement has also been joined by many people providing their support in Internet social media such as twitter and facebook. In addition to spiritual leaders Sri Sri Ravi ShankarSwami RamdevSwami Agnivesh and former Indian cricketer Kapil Dev,[18] many celebrities showed their public support through micro-blogging site Twitter.[19] As an outcome of this movement, on 6 April, 2011 Sharad Pawar resigned from the group of ministers formed for reviewing the draft Lokpal bill 2010.[20]

The movement gathered quite a significant amount of support from India’s youth visible through the local support and on social networking sites like Facebook andTwitter.[21] There have also been protests in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad among other cities of India.

Background of the movement

The movement started due to the resentment because of the serious differences between the draft Lokpal Bill 2010 prepared by the government and the Jan Lokpal Bill prepared by the members of this movement,[22] which has received significant public support:

Differences between Draft Lokpal Bill 2010 and Jan Lokpal Bill
Draft Lokpal Bill 2010 Jan Lokpal Bill
Lokpal will have no power to initiate suo moto action or receive complaints of corruption from the general public. It can only probe complaints forwarded by LS Speaker or RS Chairman. Lokpal will have powers to initiate suo moto action or receive complaints of corruption from the general public.
Lokpal will only be an Advisory Body. Its part is only limited to forwarding its report to the “Competent Authority” Lokpal will be much more than an Advisory Body. It should be granted powers to initiate Prosecution against anyone found guilty.
Lokpal will not have any police powers. It can not register FIRs or proceed with criminal investigations. Lokpal will have police powers. To say that it will be able to register FIRs.
CBI and Lokpal will have no connection with each other. Lokpal and anti corruption wing of CBI will be one Independent body.
Punishment for corruption will be minimum 6 months and maximum up-to 7 years. The punishment should be minimum 7 years and maximum up-to life imprisonment.
Lokpal will not be a monopoly for particular area.

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