How to file an RTI application on RTINation

We at RTI Nation have made filing an RTI Application possible when you are having your cups of tea.

We deliver your RTI Application to the designated Public Information Officer. You can submit your applications online to us while we will act as a service provider to submit these applications to the government. RTINation charges Rs. 150 as the fees for submitting applications. This includes the cost of the application paid to government, cost of delivery of your application.

Any person keen on obtaining some information should first register on RTINation.

You then need to goto the “Submit your application” tab and fill out your RTI application with the desired questions you wish to ask. For your convenience there is a pre-formatted template for the RTI Application where you just need to fill in the questions.

There is no bar on the length or number of questions you can ask, however, more number of questions in single application gives authorities an excuse that the questions being asked are just frivolous and will not be replied. If there are several questions you may spilt them into different applications

You can then pay the required fees through credit card/debit card/net banking. We use a 128 bit SSL secured, VeriSign approved payment gateway to ensure complete security of your payment details.

And that is it. Your job is done, and your cup of tea is still half full.

We will thereafter review the application and if it meets our terms and conditions we will first send it across to you via email so that you can review your application and sign it. After signing the application you need to post/scan and mail it back to us.

Signature is a necessary part of the RTI Application currently and we are talking to the government so that it will not be required in the future. If the Government agrees to the proposal this step can be skipped, making the process faster and cheaper.

Typically a PIO needs to reply within 30-40 days of receiving an application. Though we try and send out your applications as soon as possible, but we make room for around 10 more days to ensure that your application has reached the Public Information Officer. So you can expect a reply at your address/email id from around 40-55 days ater submitting your application at RTINation. It is to be noted that is currently running in a BETA mode and there may be be additional delays as well.

First/Second Appeal

The process for filing a first/second appeal (incase your application has not been answered properly) is the same. You just have to choose the appropirate option while filing the application on the Submit Application Page. You can upload supporting documents in the form provided. The cost for these is the same as above.

In case an information is rejected its liability rests on the applicant and not on rtination as we are simply acting as a facilitator in applying for information under the RTI Act.

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