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Central Right To Information Act

Right to Information Act provides to every citizen of India right to ask information held by a Public Authority. The Central Right to information Act covers all Indian states except for the state the State of Jammu and Kashmir. All public organizations/groups that come under the authority of government and/or are sponsored by Government, come under the RTI act and can be petitioned for any information by the citizens of India. All private bodies, which are owned, controlled or substantially financed by the Government, are also directly covered.
In case, one has been denied any information that he/she asked for, he/she may file Appeal/Complaint before the Central Information Commission (CIC).

In every Government Department – whether State or Central Department – one or more officers have been designated as Public Information Officers (PIOs). The PIO acts as the nodal officer for the implementation of Right to Information in that Department. He is supposed to receive applications from the people, collect information from that Department and then provide that information to the applicant. In some Departments, which are very huge, a number of officers have been designated as PIOs.

Every citizen has a right to know how the Government is functioning. Right to Information empowers every citizen to seek any information from the Government, inspect any Government documents and seek certified photocopies thereof. Some laws on Right to Information also empower citizens to official inspect any Government work or to take sample of material used in any work.

Right to Information includes the right to:

  1. Inspect works, documents, records.
  2. Take notes, extracts or certified copies of documents or records.
  3. Take certified samples of material.
  4. Obtain information in form of printouts, diskettes, floppies, tapes, video , cassettes or in any other electronic mode or through printouts.

“information” means any material in any form, including records, documents, memos, e-mails, opinions, advices, press releases, circulars, orders, logbooks, contracts, reports, papers, samples, models, data material held in any electronic form and information relating to any private body which can be accessed by a public authority under any other law for the time being in force.

“record” includes:

a) Any document, manuscript and file
b) Any microfilm, microfiche, and facsimile copy of a document
c) Any reproduction of image or images embodied in such microfilm (whether enlarged or not); and
d) Any other material produced by a computer or any other device;

An applicant cannot ask for opinions/advice/views under the RTI Act, unless the opinion/advice/view is already on “record”.

However, under Section 4(1)(d), an applicant can ask for “reasons” behind a administrative or quasi judicial decision of a public authority, especially if he is a “affected person”.

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Date Holiday Details
Monday – Jan 1st New Years Day National holiday
Sunday – Jan 14 Makar Sankranti National holiday
Sunday – Jan 14 Pongal National holiday
Monday – Jan 22 Vasant Panchami National holiday
Friday – Jan 26 Republic Day National holiday
Wednesday – Jan 21 Guru Ravidas Jayanti National holiday
Saturday – Feb 10 Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti National holiday
Tuesday – Feb 13 Maha Shivaratri – Shivaratri National holiday
Sunday – Mar 4 Shivaji Jayanti National holiday
Thursday – Mar 1 Holika Dahana National holiday
Friday – Mar 2 Dolyatra National holiday
Tuesday – Mar 20 Parsi New Year National holiday
Chaitra Sukhladi National holiday
Thursday – Mar 29 Mahavir Jayanti National holiday
Friday – Mar 30 Hazarat Ali’s Birthday National holiday
Friday – Mar 30th Good Friday National holiday
Sunday – Apr 1 Easter National holiday
Friday – Apr 13 Vaisakhi National holiday
Mesadi – Vaisakhadi National holiday
Monday – Apr 30 Buddha Purnima – Vesak National holiday
Monday – May 7 Birthday of Rabindranath National holiday
Friday – Jun 15 Jamat Ul-Vida National holiday
Saturday – Jul 14 Rath Yatra National holiday
Wednesday – Aug 15 Independence Day National holiday
Friday – Aug 24 Onam National holiday
Sunday – Aug 26 Raksha Bandhan National holiday
Sunday – Sep 2 Janmashtami National holiday
Thursday – Sep 13 Ganesh Chaturthi – Vinayaka Chaturthi National holiday
Tuesday – Oct 2 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti National holiday
Tuesday – Oct 16 Maha Saptami National holiday
Wednesday – Oct17 Maha Ashtami National holiday
Friday – Oct 19 Dussehra National holiday
Friday – Sep 21 Muharram – Ashura National holiday
Wednesday – Oct 24 Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti National holiday
Saturday – Oct27 Karaka Chaturthi National holiday
Tuesday – Nov 6 Naraka Chaturdasi National holiday
Wednesday – Nov 7 Diwali – Deepavali National holiday
Thursday – Nov 8 Govardhan Puja National holiday
Friday – Nov 9 Bhai Duj National holiday
Tuesday – Nov 13 Chhat Puja National holiday
Wednesday – Nov 21 Milad un-Nabi Id-e-Milad National holiday
Saturday – Nov 24 Guru Tegh Bahadurs Martyrdom Day National holiday
Friday – Nov 23 Guru Nanak Jayanti National holiday
Monday – Dec 24th Christmas Eve National holiday
Tuesday – Dec 25th Christmas National holiday

Public Holidays list 2017

Date Weekday Holiday Name Holiday Type
Jan 1 Sunday Last day of Hanukkah Observance
Jan 1 Sunday New Year’s Day Restricted Holiday
Jan 5 Thursday Guru Govind Singh Jayanti Restricted Holiday
Jan 14 Saturday Pongal Restricted Holiday
Jan 14 Saturday Makar Sankranti Restricted Holiday
Jan 26 Thursday Republic Day Gazetted Holiday
Jan 28 Saturday Chinese New Year Observance
Feb 1 Wednesday Vasant Panchami Restricted Holiday
Feb 10 Friday Guru Ravidas Jayanti Restricted Holiday
Feb 14 Tuesday Valentine’s Day Observance
Feb 19 Sunday Shivaji Jayanti Restricted Holiday
Feb 21 Tuesday Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti Restricted Holiday
Feb 24 Friday Maha Shivaratri/Shivaratri Gazetted Holiday
Mar 12 Sunday Holika Dahana Restricted Holiday
Mar 13 Monday Dolyatra Restricted Holiday
Mar 20 Monday March equinox Season
Mar 28 Tuesday Chaitra Sukhladi Restricted Holiday
Apr 4 Tuesday Rama Navami Gazetted Holiday
Apr 9 Sunday Mahavir Jayanti Gazetted Holiday
Apr 11 Tuesday First day of Passover Observance
Apr 11 Tuesday Hazarat Ali’s Birthday Restricted Holiday
Apr 13 Thursday Maundy Thursday Observance, Christian
Apr 13 Thursday Vaisakhi Restricted Holiday
Apr 14 Friday Good Friday Gazetted Holiday
Apr 14 Friday Ambedkar Jayanti Observance
Apr 15 Saturday Mesadi/Vaisakhadi Restricted Holiday
Apr 16 Sunday Easter Day Restricted Holiday
May 1 Monday May Day Observance
May 10 Wednesday Buddha Purnima/Vesak Gazetted Holiday
May 14 Sunday Mother’s Day Observance
Jun 18 Sunday Father’s Day Observance
Jun 21 Wednesday June Solstice Season
Jun 23 Friday Jamat Ul-Vida Restricted Holiday
Jun 25 Sunday Rath Yatra Restricted Holiday
Jun 26 Monday Ramzan Id/Eid-ul-Fitar Muslim, Common Local holidays
Aug 6 Sunday Friendship Day Observance
Aug 7 Monday Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) Restricted Holiday
Aug 15 Tuesday Independence Day Gazetted Holiday
Aug 15 Tuesday Janmashtami Gazetted Holiday
Aug 15 Tuesday Thanksgiving Day Observance
Aug 25 Friday Ganesh Chaturthi/Vinayaka Chaturthi Restricted Holiday
Sep 2 Saturday Bakr Id/Eid ul-Adha Gazetted Holiday
Sep 4 Monday Onam Restricted Holiday
Sep 22 Friday September equinox Season
Sep 27 Wednesday Maha Saptami Restricted Holiday
Sep 29 Friday Maha Navami Restricted Holiday
Sep 30 Saturday Dussehra (Maha Navami) Gazetted Holiday
Oct 1 Sunday Muharram/Ashura Gazetted Holiday
Oct 2 Monday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Gazetted Holiday
Oct 5 Thursday Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti Restricted Holiday
Oct 8 Sunday Karaka Chaturthi (Karva Chauth) Restricted Holiday
Oct 18 Wednesday Naraka Chaturdasi Restricted Holiday
Oct 19 Thursday Diwali/Deepavali Gazetted Holiday
Oct 20 Friday Govardhan Puja Restricted Holiday
Oct 21 Saturday Bhai Duj Restricted Holiday
Oct 26 Thursday Chhat Puja (Pratihar Sashthi/Surya Sashthi) Restricted Holiday
Oct 31 Tuesday Halloween Observance
Nov 4 Saturday Guru Nanak Jayanti Gazetted Holiday
Nov 24 Friday Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Martyrdom Day Restricted Holiday
Dec 2 Saturday Milad un-Nabi/Id-e-Milad Gazetted Holiday
Dec 13 Wednesday First Day of Hanukkah Observance
Dec 20 Wednesday Last day of Hanukkah Observance
Dec 21 Thursday December Solstice Season
Dec 24 Sunday Christmas Eve Restricted Holiday
Dec 25 Monday Christmas Gazetted Holiday
Dec 31 Sunday New Year’s Eve Observance, Christian

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