In the last part you read about the meeting of Saurya and Nidhi and the killings in some unknown situations. Now!

A policeman was lying injured in front. There was a lot of bleeding from his head. Nidhi was sitting nearby. Nidhi had a small piece of meat in his hand. Saurya raised Nidhi. Nidhi was in a sleep. He had blood in his mouth. Soorya supported him and brought him to his house and put him to sleep. All these events, sitting at his head, started trying to come to some conclusion.

Thinking everything, Surya went into sleep, his sleep opened with a knock on the door. Surya got up and went to see who is at the door. As soon as the door was opened some policemen were standing in front. One of them made Surya Pointed towards him and the other policemen caught him. Soorya was taken aback. He said "Why are you holding me?" What have I done? A policeman who was his senior officer said, "You are accused of murder at night. We have to search your house too."
Saurya said, "You are not going to get anything by looking for the head. I have not done any murder. The murderer you are looking for is Nidhi. Who is sleeping in the bedroom."

"No problem. We will meet him after the fire. Havildar Ramsingh put it in the police van." Said the police officer in a loud voice.

Havildar Ramsingh handcuffed Saurya and made him sit in the police van. Saurya kept shouting, "I haven't done any murder. Nidhi has done it. Why hold me." Nobody heard his words.

A search of Saurya's room found a large freezer in the basement with a lot of hearts in it. The policemen were stunned by this scene, the heinous killer who killed many innocent people.

The forensic labs were busy collecting all the house photography and samples. The flying news also came to the media personnel. Representatives of all the newspapers in the world had reached there. They also started photography of the occasion. Wanted to talk to Surya but due to the strictness of the policemen, Saurya could not be talked. Soory Nidhi has done everything. I scream innocently The media workers took notice of this and got engaged in their work by taking some pictures of him.

Neha, a girl among these media persons, decided to talk to Saurya by telling her assistant to confuse the policemen. After a while Neha's colleague reached out to the policemen and expressed her desire to talk to Saurya. He was upset and pushed him a little while refusing. The accomplice fell down there and started acting as if he had an epileptic attack. Now police work To quantify the push someone in front of thin Gikitne all media condition and what will mark not detected by Meediawale pepper seasoning attack him.

The attention of all the media personnel and the policemen was focused on that colleague, Neha had reached Saurya, saving the most saved. He asked Saurya, "Have you done all these murders?" Saurya started singing his rant "No all these murders I have not done all these slaughter funds. "
"Who is this Nidhi? Where is she now?" Neha asked.
Saurya told, "She works in my office. She lives somewhere. She has done all the murders. I saw her last night too. She also injured the policeman at the next intersection".

Neha then asked "How did all these dead girls get hearts in your house?"
"Nidhi knew the key to my house. She must have brought all these things here and kept them here," Saurya said.
Neha asked a few more questions and took a picture of Saurya and went to her assistant from there. Her assistant saw her and slowly stood up pretending to recover. Then both of them slipped away.

The next day there was the same news in all the newspapers "Arrested killer stealing". Some introduction and pictures of him. Just with this news in Neha's newspaper, the subject of Nidhi was also written.
As many things were being spoken, some would call Saurya innocent and some would be greed.

Here in the police remand room, everyone went mad. He was brought up by criminals one by one, but this solar was made of a different soil. How many inquiries were done, I was tortured just applying the same rut. Did not do anything. Everyone is hit by Nidhi. There was a lot of pressure to pursue the case from above. Without full information and a confession, this investigation could not last even a day in the court. For area, and lots of people question is the murderer? He killed us Kiyekabtk the murder motive was not known that so far Beds murderer to Thaksury.

Then Inspector Singh thought to solve it another way. He took a look at all the evidence. Forensic examination of the heart found from Sorya's house proved that they belonged to those dead girls. A fingerprint from the top of those girls Had not been found, but some hair was found which had been matched with Saurya's hair.

At the time of the murder, there was a slight recording in a CCTV camera on that road. There was another girl behind the slaughtered girl who was coming back after a while. The face of the girl was not visible in the CCTV. The CCTV footage defied the police's theory.

Singh sahib thought to show Saurya once again by showing all these evidences. Before that he made up his mind to search once again for Saurya's house. After reaching Saurya's house, he started searching. They searched the wardrobes. In one wardrobe, they found the girls' clothes. Those clothes also had the dress that the murderer was wearing in the CCTV footage. Done either solar murderer or somehow more information about the hand there.The slaughtering may only solar her.The fabrics of Singh Sahib access station over.

Now he had all the evidence that either Solar would accept his hand in the murder or he would give complete information about the murderer. Singh was sitting in front of Saurya with all the details. Saurya was looking at him with his friendly eyes due to torture. His hulia was spoiled. No wound was visible from the outside, but he was broken by the inner chotto.

Singh said, explaining to him, "Look, we don't have any personal enmity with you. We are also doing our own work. Look at how much evidence has been found against you and you are still talking about a fund. Let's go once Suppose you are innocent, but we did not get this fund. Now either you confess all the crime or tell me clearly about the murderer. This will be good for Hamdo.

Saurya said "Inspector I don't know what proof you are talking about but you can find out from my office. Nidhi and Nakula had just joined office soon. You can ask Nakul or Richa, the Human Resources Manager of the office. All the slaughter funds have done this. "

Singh said with a growling cry, "Do you keep on talking to the outsiders, nor is there any office nor any staff at your given address. Then where will Nidhi and Nakula be from?"

"No sir, how can this be so I go to office there continuously for the last three years. You might have got some misunderstanding" Saurya said

Singh saheb roared, "I don't have the misunderstanding. You have been there for 25 years, ruining that building and you say that it is your office. You have been going to office there for the last three years? Either you are a fool or we Trying to fool, look at these evidences and tell me what you have to say about them. "

Singh showed all the evidence to Saurya. Saurya kept watching and hearing everything, he could not understand anything. He said, "Sir, they all prove that maybe someone is trying to raise me. If these my someone Even if I had a hand, I would not mind accepting it. Of course such a brutal killer should be punished very severely.

Singh thought that he should scrape his hair. Give his head or head of solarium to the walls, but it was not going to be of any use. He called Ramsingh and ordered the special service of solar energy overnight and slammed from there. gone.

Surya's special service was done overnight but no result was found. All the policemen were sure that Surya was behind all these murders but all the ignorance about his murder was troubling him. Mr. Singh thought a Last effort should be made. He contacted the criminal psychiatrist and told all the things. The psychiatrist assured him to come the next day and said "Singh Yes, I can do whatever I can. I will try to help you. "
"Thank you sir. This case has turned everyone's mind around. Now there is only hope from you," Singh said. Then Singh Sahib got busy with his daily work.

The next day the psychiatrist reached the police station along with his colleagues and some machines. He had some talk with Surya prima facie. Not getting any satisfactory answer, he expressed his desire to do Hypnotism on him for which Saurya was gladly ready. All the instruments in his place. Some instruments were also installed in its place to measure the physical and mental stress of the military.

The psychiatrist then began to hypnotize Saurya.

After three hours of uninterrupted efforts, the subconscious mind of Saurya started getting the psychiatrist to know about his past.

"I am about 15 or 16 years old. Everything is alright but I am full of lust disorder. I am not able to control myself because of this disorder. I am able to make some mistakes. And my family had to face shame because of this. Sometimes I want to give up my life. At least my parents and sisters will be saved from this embarrassment. Everyone is angry with me. I am nothing more than a burden and a bad stain. It is just a few days ago. I do not know what desire I was looking for while raking in Ragini's bathroom while bathing. Seeing me staring, Didi looked at me and went home. But I complained. Then the pain of my beating is still there.

Two days later there is Rakshabandhan and my sisters have declared that Rakhi will not be tied to this demon. Am I so bad? Is this libido such a bad thing? Many times I tried but got caught in a strange hypnosis I go out to fulfill my incomplete libido. Once the brother caught me in those slums and beat me up. What is my fault? If my mood is different?
I only want to fulfill my ill-fated wishes and do not force myself with anyone.

After a few days there was a lot of uproar in the house. My neighbor Rinki had complained to me in my house. How much I explained and pleaded with me, but he also enjoyed the connection and complained. Did I feel like I am a villain. I had to force myself with him. Mana had refused in the beginning, but later agreed. Now I am not even able to show my face in the house. To hurt them if I had a family Courtesy Rinke on lust putting the matter had gone to the panchayat was left traumatized by my threshing.

Now I have started hating myself. I have fallen from the eyes of everyone. Only Malti aunt used to understand me, she used to give me a little comfort about what she had told me. But seeing her in private that day, my destiny started screaming. Left, I have to do something about it. Now I have fallen in my eyes.

For a few days a group of eunuchs have been camping in the garden here on the border of the village. I also went to them to calm down my sexual papasa. I told my chief my problem. He made a decoction of a herb for a few days to drink. Have given. Then next week I do not know what is the action of the penis lingam. It is called for. The use of decoction keeps the mind calm now. Possibly I am recovering. Told lies after the procedure I will be all right.

Today, in the colony of eunuchs, I am doing some pooja recitation for me. Slowly, an umbrella is going on me. Now I have fainted. I felt very weak when I became conscious. My condition worsened due to pain. I was feeling something incomplete in my body, but I could not concentrate due to pain. Somehow I reached home and fell unconscious again.

When I opened my eyes, I was in the hospital. My parents and sisters were standing around me. There were tears in my eyes. There was a lot of weakness in my body. I wanted to go to the toilet but all the people told that there is no need to go to the toilet. The bladder management system is installed here. I have done the toilet but I felt a little incompleteness. The mother started looking at me and mourning, which I understood that I had What happened now had tears in my eyes I had realized his mistake it.But I was relieved to get rid of trouble.

When I arrived home after being discharged from the hospital, everyone's attitude was changed towards me. The girl who used to bite me would now be engaged in taking care of me. I was feeling very happy. In a few days I was completely cured. After a few months, I was relieved. After that, I started feeling a worm of lust. I could not understand when all the organs have been removed. Why this lust?
Now I could control these jokes. The inferiority and disrespect within me started making me restless. The atrocities I had made me mentally weak.

Now I started going to college. My studies were going well. I had to spend my life in some way, there was no hope of a loving family. I encountered Priya in college itself. She studied in my class. He had taken the initiative of our friendship. Slowly, our friendship started to change from daily visits to love. Many times I wanted to tell him about myself but the embarrassment and But could not say for fear of losing.
Gradually our love began to deepen. Priya was now expressing her desire to pass some personal time with me. She was beginning to feel some incompleteness in our love. I kept avoiding any excuse for trying to get close to her.

One day Priya invited me to a guest house to celebrate her birthday and some of her friends were going to come there, due to which I also said yes to come there. On reaching there, I came to know that some of her friends had come as many as all the couples had come. Her night rest was also in the same guest house. After the party, Priya also asked me to stay there. We also had a drink. And sometimes I have to I had to stop there thinking that I had to face it.

In the night, all the couples went to their own rooms. I also went to a room with Priya. We first started talking about love and then slowly I told Priya her reality. Priya got her a joke then Trying to get closer to me. After a while when Priya faced reality, she lifted up the whole guest house head. She started showering dirty dirty streets. I did not feel that bad even then, but he called all his friends and insulted me in front of them and said Namdar, I was shocked. Even then, to the point of drunkenness, he forcibly took off my clothes and demonstrated my disrespect to everyone. Tears came out of my eyes on seeing my innocence. They all mocked me fiercely and drove me out of the guesthouse after so many nights. I gave my true love. He gave a promise of love but in his laughter my love seemed very weak.

My desire to live was over, but my expectation from my mother and sisters provided me with the support. Now in college I had become an object of humor. Priya got a second lover to burn me with her. I would have embraced myself in front of me, then would have ridiculed me in some other way.

Slowly the college was over. And I came to this city in connection with the job. I always missed myself. Whenever I saw a couple or a family playing with a laugh, I would leave my heart tearful. "

Saying so, Surya calmed down. The psychiatrist did a lot of trying but Saurya did not say anything. He again chanted, "Tell me what happened next, Surya. Are you listening to me?" After a while there was silence in the room, after that Saurya said, "I came into her life after that".
Hearing this, the winds started blowing on the psychiatrist and the people sitting in the room. Soory was now speaking in the voice of a woman.

The psychiatrist asked, "Who are you?"
Saurya began to say in a feminine voice, "I am Nidhi. Saurya's girlfriend. The one whom Saurya loves so much, but cannot say because of his shortcomings. I also love it so much that it doesn't matter my love of shortcomings." I am exactly what Solar imagines. I have loved it with Dilozan and it also loves me very much. Both of us are made for each other. My form is the gift of all solarities. I imagine that I am his truth. "

The psychiatrist asked, "Then who killed those girls?"

Saurya said in a feminine voice, "I have killed them all, as they have no right to insult my love of solarism. I have avenged that. I will kill more girls. I will kill the girls of the world." . For the revenge of your lover "

The psychiatrist said, "What was the fault of the girls who killed them? Why did you bring their hearts out?"

Saurya said in a feminine voice, "The whole game is of the heart, Doctor. I love to play all the girls with their hearts and kill them. No one can separate me from my solar. I will kill everyone."

After that, Surya's heartbeat started growing very fast. The doctor stopped his questioning there and injected Surya into the senses. A little later, Surya was slowly sensed, his heartbeat had also become normal. He was staring as if he had some wonder.

Singh Saheb came to another room with the psychiatrist. Singh was staring at the psychiatrist with teary eyes, maybe six were asking some questions but were silent that the psychiatrist should start.

The psychiatrist began to say, "Inspector Singh is going to take the case all the more. Saurya is suffering from a mental illness called Multiple Personality Disorder, in which the human mind takes him into the virtual world, where he starts creating everything according to his thinking." It has created a girlfriend of its own, which gives vent to its suppressed feelings and when it dominates it completely changes its beauty. It does not realize at all what he does at that stage. In such cases, the court asks the criminal to arrange for mental treatment instead of punishing him. "

The inspector said, "All that is fine, doctor, but tell me what to tell the media people? Will they believe this story? Or will they fail our police after assuming the failure of the police?"

"I will give you a reference to one such old case. You should send all your reports to the media with him," the psychiatrist said.
Singh sahab got a little pain and then said goodbye to Doctor Saheb by sending him the report of his investigation and sent himself into some deep meditation.

He sent a link to all the revelations in the media. The next day this news was published in all the newspapers with chilli spices. Everyone in the city was surprised to read this story.

Singh could not believe the words of the psychiatrist, he himself wanted to do some investigation. On the night, Saurya reached the cell with two constables and asked him about Nidhi. He was calling Nidhi Nidhi. Just staring at him with big eyes, he went back to defeat. As soon as he went, a crooked smile came on his face.

After presenting the report from the whole investigation, Saurya was sent to the mental hospital. There was treatment for Saurya. Some days Saurya was normal, one day Nidhi came to the hospital to meet him. Seeing him, Saurya is very happy. Gaya and asked Nidhi "Where have you been all these days? Everyone is saying that I have done all those murders and see they have kept me locked up here. I did not even let you meet me."
"You and I will never let these people of the world meet you. There is only one way to meet us. Come with me" said Nidhi.

Nidhi kept moving forward and Saurya followed behind her. Coming to the balcony a little away, Nidhi held Saurya in her arms and slowly moved out. The two lovers slowly started to walk in the sky. Her mortal body lay down on the floor. It was lying in a different state.

... The end..

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