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are you ready to date after divorce

Dating needs to be fuss free and smooth but often times it isn’t. When done right, a date can prove to be a promise of fun filled and exciting future while if you err… All your efforts will go down the drain. So, we have some great dating tips for you to not only find a great date for yourself but have a gala time with them as well.

1. Don’t just rely on your friends to fix you up or wait by the bar alone.

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2. Try something more than just movies or dinner.

Do some harmless research on your date beforehand and take a little pain to plan something thrilling that you think they might love. Say, a book review event if your girl happens to be a bookworm?

3. Swear by the saying ‘First impression is the last impression’.

Be presentable, smell good and be at your best behavior. If you expect your date to want to go on more dates with you, this is your first step to to that.

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4. Don’t try to be someone you are not.

Trying overtly to seem cool or funny isn’t any way to impress them. Just remember to be kind, responsive and fun without trying too hard.

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5. Focus on your conversation.

Talk about yourself but listen to your date’s side of story as well. Also, avoid oversharing or getting too comfortable on the first date itself.

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6. Find out if your into them or not.

If you aren’t, move on. It’s no use wasting your time and energy over someone with whom you don’t feel the connection or with whom you are embarrassed to go out. It is after all, not about just a single date.

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7. Don’t give up.

If you don’t succeed today. Try again tomorrow. Giving up can mean you having to miss on somebody who’s probably amazing and perfect for you. So, go find an another date.

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Originally posted 2015-10-18 18:19:15.